Who We Are

Life Jacket was founded in 10 years back by Ms. Avantika Kochar, with her expertise in arts and yoga; her heart has always gone out for to help the needful and serve the humanity. Avantika Kochar shouldered the initiative and took up the responsibility to reach out to everyone in need and educate them about hygiene with the nurturing they deserved. Moving from door to door, Life Jacket has expanded over the time and soon began setting up camps and drives in villages such as Badshahpur, Dhokra, Ghata, Babupur, to educate people about personal hygiene, provide basic education, teach about waste management, water conservation, and with the bonus of keeping them healthy and fit, mentally, physically and spiritually, healthy yoga has also been in the loop of welfare.

What We Do

As the Life Jacket family has gotten bigger day after another, we have only grown to be much more humble in our approach. Over the years, Life Jacket has motivated over 50 people to work towards the cause and spread the smiles of joy and rural areas by educating them about environment and basic sanitation, and by helping them boost their confidence for them to be able to stand tall and proud of their own and see the world with their own mindful perspective.

Life Jacket invites people from all over the globe to join hands to serve the humanity by giving the under privileged the rights that they deserve and have been longing for.